NUA Collection Volume 1

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Five designs by Carol Feller featuring texture, colourwork and short rows in her signature Nua yarn.

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Voor informatie over de benodigde garens voor de patronen in Nua Collection Volume 1, neem contact met me op. Voor het gebruikte garen ga naar Stolen Stitches NUA Sport.

This collection includes a redesigned version of one of Carol’s most popular cardigans, Ravi. This is a cardigan that combines a side-to-side short row yoke with a top down body so that you get a beautiful yoke with a well fitted body.  The second pattern is Dangle, which is a large chevron wrap.  The combination of stripes and colours uses a drop stitch feature to create a visual pop.  Finglas Mitts are a fun pair of fingerless mitts that use a biased rib panel on the front and back to create the unique shape of the mitt.  Finally Boherboy is a cowl that comes in 2 versions; either a single colour, subtle textured version that uses knit and purl only or a three colour version that really makes the texture stand out using stranded colourwork.